Customers worldwide

  • More than 530 Grob G 115 / G 120 training aircraft are operated on all
5 continents, in demanding cold and hot climate zones.
  • For both civil and military training.
FLEET OPERATORS WORLD WIDE Operator Country Fleet Size Aircraft Type
Affinity Flight Training Services, Cranwell & Barkston Heath United Kingdom 1023 G 120TP
Argentine Air Force, Cordoba Argentina 10 G 120TP
Australian Flying School, Sydney Australia 8 G 115A
CAE Military, Dothan USA 6 G 120TP
Canadian Air Force, Kelowna Canada 14 G 120A-C
China Southern Flying College, Perth Australia 38 G 115C
Egypt Air Force, Cairo Egypt 74 G 115EG
French Air Force, Cognac France 18 G 120A-F
German Air Force, Phoenix USA 6 G 120A
Indonesian Air Force, Yogyakarta Indonesia 24 G 120TP
Israel Air Force, Haifa Israel 17 G 120A-I
Kenya Air Force, Nanyuki Kenya 6 G 120A-K
Mexican Air Force, Guadalajara Mexiko 20 G 120TP
Myanmar Air Force, Meiktila Myanmar 25 G 120TP
Norwegian Aviation College, Bardufoss Norway 4 G 115D
Ostende Air College, Ostende Belgium 3 G 115A/C2
Royal Jordanian Air Force, Mafraq Jordan 12 G 120TP
Tayside Aviation, Dundee United Kingdom 5 G 115D2
United Arab Emirates Air Force, Al Ain Abu Dhabi 12 G 120 (G 115TA)
UK Royal Air Force & Royal Navy, Bournemouth United Kingdom 117 + 5 G 115E